Spantik (7027m)

It is the most beautiful fascinating and golden wall peak lies in the karakuram range It is the most attainable (7000 m) peak in the Karakuram. Spantik lies in between Nagar valley (also known as Golden Peak) near Hunza and Arandu Valley in Baltistan. The normal South East route to Spantik 7027 meters is from Chogolungma Glacier in Arandu valley of Baltistan also known as Little Tibet.
Spantik offers charming climb. There are two prominent ridges South East and North West. South East is a long and demanding snow ridge with few sections of technical difficulty and little objective danger. This route was climbed on July 5, 1955 by a party led by K. Kramber. The North West (Golden Pillar is massive combination of ice and rock. The first successful summiteers on this roué are British climbers Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders.
Straight forward climbing leads to the summit of the mountain where clear weather conditions result in tremendous views in all directions. Thin peak becomes most popular that 5 to 10 expeditions each year. Bluesky tours is the most popular agency to spantik we have tremendous in the history of spantick. Recently spantik 7027 has been favorite for a climbers to training them selves for higher elevation the approach path to the beautiful composite along the Chogo Lunga Glacier offers visitors of mountains Scenery with innumerable high peaks, the peak is  so majestic, gland or the first attempt to climb the peak was made in 1903 AD via the south east ride by Dr, Mr woreman The first successful summiters are British climber Mick fowler and victor Saunder Blue Sky has arranged many successful expeditions to Spantik.


Day 01 Islamabad
Arrive at Islamabad and transfer to hotel, after Afternoon city tour of Rawalpindi & Islamabad Rawalpindi is a lively, bustling city with the crowded streets and colorful
bazaars, thorough it lacks the grand monuments; nonetheless, the bazaar
should appeal to anyone with the desire to see the real Pakistan. Overnight  hotel.

Day 02 Islamabad/Skardu/Chilas

Fly to Skardu at 10.35 AM. The 45 minutes flight to Skardu is a very thrilling and unique experience of flying between the towering icy peaks of the mighty Himalayan and Karakorum ranges. We will see the most spectacular views of Nanga Parbat (8124m)  from the cockpit.

In case of flight cancel (12 – 14 hrs) drive by coach to Chilas (480km) on Karakorum Highway. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03 Chilas/Skardu

1. Day free at Skardu. (2350)
2. If you are driving, complete road journey (07 – 08 hrs) to Skardu (275 km). On the road stop on a viewpoint near Thalichi to take a photo of Nanga Parbat. It is a nice spot to take picture in combination with Indus and the Nanga Parbat in the background.

We cross the Alam Bridge over Gilgit River to continue our journey towards Skardu and drive on Skardu Road along the Right Bank of the Indus River. confluence of the Indus and Gilgit Rivers, junctions of the three mightiest ranges of Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush as well as the rapids and falls of Indus River. The town of Skardu (2234m) is situated along the south side of the Indus River. Skardu is now the administrative center of the District and also transportation and commercial centre of Baltistan region.

Day 04 Skardu to Arandu (2950m)
Drive to Arando starts early morning. From Shigar the jeep trek goes up the West Bank of the river. Enroute at Chu Tron we can see hot sulpher springs with separate bathing huts for men and women. The jeep track goes up the valley to the beautiful village of  Arandu the last village at the snout of the wonderful (38km) Chogo Lungma Glacier. Overnight at camp  2950 meters.

 Day 05Arandu to Pukpun (3300m)
It takes about (6 hrs) to reach Pukpun, which is a summer settlement. The trail follows the Basha River up to the snout of the Chogo Lungma Glacier. After crossing the glacier follow the northern lateral moraine to Pukpun Overnight at camp.

 Day 06 Pukpun to Khurumal (3500m)
It is (5 – 6 hrs) trekking. Watching the miracle views of the pyramid of Spantik, passing through Manchikera, which is a summer settlement we reach another summer settlement of Khurumal. Overnight at camp.

Day 07 Khurumal to Bolucho (3800m)
It is relatively short stage, which takes (4 –5 hrs). Passing through the summer settlement of Gharincho and a small lake and enjoying the excellent views of Spantik and Laila Peaks we reach Bolucho, which is situated at the base of the Bolucho Glacier. Overnight at camp at about (3,900 meters) on a green ground with water.

Day 08 Bolucho to Base Camp (4600m)
We leave the ablation valley and head on  the ice of the Chogolungma Glacier. We gently gain height as we approach base camp at the foot of Spantik’s South East Ridge. (5-6 hrs).

Day 09 – 34
Acclimatisation and climbing

Day 35:
Trek back to Chogo Brangsa. Overnight at camp.

Day 36
Trek back to Arandu. Overnight at camp.

Day 37
Drive by jeep to Skardu. afternoon De-briefing at Ministry of Tourism Office, Skardu Office, Overnight at hotel.

Day 38
Fly to Islamabad/Drive to Chilas.
1. Arrive to Islambad
2. In case of flight cancellation drive to Chilas. Overnight at hotel.

Day 39 Islamabad

1. Leisure day at Islamabad. Overnight at hotel.
2. In case of driving, complete road journey from Chilas to Islamabad.. Overnight at hotel.

Day 40 Islamabad
Transfer to airport for onward destination