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Pakistan, the land of ancient civilizations and the hub of majestic mountains, has God-gifted and men-made wonders. The unique Northern Region crowned by lofty peaks of Himalayas, Karakoram, and the Hindukush, the greatest mountain ranges in the world.

The diverse and unique landscape is splashed with towering peaks, extensive glaciers, torrential rivers, serene lakes, classic passes, florid meadows. The captivating valleys are inhabited by primitive mountain cultures and friendly people whose reputation for hospitality is legendary.

Those who are hanging around to satiate their adventurous urge, then Pakistan will be the right destination to choose.

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Pakistan boasts the three greatest mountain systems on earth – the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush and also the home of the biggest expanse of glaciers outside the Polar Regions.

Pakistan hosts five above eight thousand meters peaks out of fourteen in the world including the 8611m K-2, the second highest peak after the Everest in Nepal, 8125m Nanga Parbat, the out fringe of Western Himalayas, 8047m Broad Peak, 8068m Gasherbrum I and 8035m high Gasherbrum II beside more 7000m peaks against rest of the world combined and hundreds of above 5000m ice and rock pinnacles are unaccountably clustered here.

In this connection, Pakistan offers the largest room for mountaineering activities in the world. The majestic mountains have been luring mountaineers since 1954 when the area was open to high expedition activities. These massive mountains have been receiving a number of mountaineers each year to test their skills and spirit of climbing. Yet, these hoary summits are constituting a purely geographical challenge to the human courage and determination as still there are many peaks remain unclimbed and unnamed.

The company is proficient in organizing mountaineering activities in Pakistan and China since its establishment. Besides the high mountaineering expeditions the company has been organizing alpine style climbing programs to below 6000-meter without paying royalty. Our specialty in this field is recognized by world prominent mountaineers. Let try our new concepts to touch the blue heaven by placing your foot at the summits.

There is no place like Northern Region of Pakistan with a great assemblage of mighty peaks, splendid rocky pinnacles, awesome expanse of glaciers, panoramic passes and fascinating valleys, all combine together making it a dreamland for trekkers and nature lovers.

Trekking is the supreme activity in Pakistan that is demanding but highly rewarded. Keeping in view, the cross section of taste and age, we have carefully selected some routes giving a romantic spirit to the trekkers. The routes are varying in level for different interest and age ranging from high passes-crossing to easy hiking in the exciting and alluring countryside.

There are still several areas yet to be explored. In this regard, the company has a privilege in discovering new trekking routes of this virgin land.

Cultural Tours (Safaris)
Apart from the high level adventure activities, we also arrange light adventure tours to explore the isolated but fascinating mountain valleys by jeep, pony and bike safaris. This section is for those who have a passion to be in close contact with nature traveling through unique mountain cultures, then the Northern region doted with high panoramic passes, mighty mountains, creeping glaciers, alpine meadows, sparkling lakes and the ever changing climate and colors, sharing all to fulfill the dream of ‘Eden Garden’.

The bountiful nature of the Northern region is composed by the world’s greatest concentration of mountain series: the Himalayas, Hindukush and the Karakoram. The giant peaks are dominating the valleys of Chitral, Hunza and Baltistan. In contrast, the lush green slopes of Swat and Kaghan valleys are also worth-seeing. These mountains also inhabited by primitive cultures, which forms the biggest mountain community in the world.

By doing such excellent tours, one experiences a stunning natural scenery coupled with an unparallel hospitality